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Renting is the new buying. An increasing number of skiers decide to rent their skis. There is no question about its advantages. The main reason is for sure that you can book the newest equipment every winter. 

But renting skis also includes a comfortable arrival. There is no more need to fetch the skis from the cellar, to store them cumbersomely in the car to then unload them again in the hotel or holiday apartment. 

Are you looking for a ski rental in La Villa? Then this is the right place for you. Take your time to look around. Here on our site and of course also in our shop, located in the very center of La Villa in Val Badia. 

  • Skis and ski boots
  • Helmets and ski poles
  • Touring ski equipment for the Dolomites
  • Telemark equipment
  • Snowshoes
  • and much, much more…