Testing und Buying

  • Are you looking for new skis?
  • Would you like the top model of the winter? 
  • Would you like to buy new skis at best conditions? 
  • No problem at all – we will help you!
  • Cool: Choose a ski in our shop, we mount the binding and off you go!
  • Very cool: You can even try your new skis extensively on the slopes! 
  • Absolutely Cool: Our pricing: When buying, the days of testing will definitely be free!

Phase 1

We love to help you choose your new skis. We mount your bindings and set the ski correctly so that it best suits you. 

Phase 2

You test the skis on the slope. You try them for two or three days and already treat them as if they were yours. 

Phase 3

You decide to buy them. We make a special price for you by not charging the days of your testing.