Wintersteiger – the Ski Machine

  • Safety und fun is what every skier dreams of. The company Wintersteiger has been working on solutions for the ski market since 1966. In Ried in Austria the first stone cutting machine was invented. 
  • In the meantime, it provides ski rentals working on highest standards with high-tech service streets which prepare skis at impressive speed and fully automated. 
  • And all that in a quality which would not be possible by hand. 
  • You can find one of the machines by Wintersteiger also at Ski Service Renato– our boss’s pride and joy!


  • The success story of the company Wintersteiger began in 1954 with a sowing machine for a seed farming company. Later also combine harvesters were built in Ried in Austria. In 1985 the experts invented a profile milling machine with which the revolutionary sandwich construction method of skis was made possible.
  • Since the first stone cutting machine was operative in 1985 and the microsection started its triumph, the company has been working on constantly new inventions and has become the world’s number one regarding the equipment of automatic ski service. 


  • Wintersteiger has always aimed at designing comprehensive solutions. The machines are unique in terms of function range and at an impossibly high standard, but there is much more to come.  
  • Nowadays, ski service also requires considerable administrative effort. Every single pair of skis is recorded and scanned one at a time. And so Wintersteiger also offers software packages that due to its computerized system allow the shop assistants to dedicate much more time to their customers.