Hi, I’m Stefanie

  • Being a ski instructor in the Dolomites is a dream.
  • Being a ski instructor in the middle of Dolomiti Superski is a dream come true. 
  • And being out and about as a ski instructor with my guests and being able to show them how beautiful skiing can be is the best dream ever. 
  • I love living this dream. 

My Story

  • I’m sure you know what I mean: to be a child and to have a wish, a dream, an aim. Excavator driver, kindergarten teacher, train driver, pilot – these are most probably the typical ambitions of boys and girls at a certain age. 
  • When I was little, I dreamt of ski races. Then I took part in FIS- skiing races and the dream came true. I did not manage to hit up the escalator, but skiing stayed with me – etched in my mind. 
  • Then I managed to get one of the highly coveted ranks in the qualification for the ski instructor formation. Three years later I got my license. The dream of my childhood - a life on skis - had come true.

My Mission

  • I know that „my mission“ sounds very ambitious. But then again it doesn’t. It is my aim, my mission, that you and your family, your children learn to ski. That you stand confidently on the boards. That you can ski down any slope without fear, sure of your ability and in full command of your movements.  
  • Nowadays it is by far not as difficult as it used to be when the skis were still very long and narrow. The new material, carved and easy to control, makes it possible to learn to ski much better in much shorter a time. 
  • I am sure we will be able to take you from a newcomer to confident parallel turns and first carving turns in just a week. To help you achieve that us ski instructors have undergone three years of intense training. 
  • Many of the guests I have done the first turns with come again every year, improve their skills with me and then we spend the whole day on the most beautiful ski paths all across the Dolomites.